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Hogshead Goodies
With Hogshead demise, we didn’t want all the fine downloads they had available on their website to disappear. Thus, we asked them nicely if we could make them available from our site. Happily, they said yes. So until someone else takes up the WFRP mantle, here they are.
Some of this material before: parts of it appeared in the first three issues of Hogwash, Hogshead fanzine-style booklet - now sadly all out of print. Other parts have been run as demonstration adventures at conventions and shows for a couple of years.
Many of these downloads are zipped files. You will need a copy of PKZIP or WinZip to open them (Windows XP users can open them without any additional software). To read Adobe pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for download here.
Fear the Worst
964 kb
Cover, contents, credits.
Chapter 1
810 kb
Chapter 2
1.697 kb
The town of Heideldorf.
Chapter 3
299 kb
The Wurstfest.
Chapter 4
1.232 kb
Black Rock Keep.
Chapter 5
229 kb
Return to the Keep.
Chapter 6
596 kb
The Day of Vengeance.
Chapter 7
183 kb
Experience Points.
Chapter 8
1.670 kb
NPCs and monsters, handouts.
The official winner of the Hogshead WFRP Character Sheet design competition.
Designed by Gregor Hutton.
185 kb

Scenarios and adventures
Bad Tidings
Previously seen in issue #4 of Hogwash, this is a scenario by James Wallis set in the city of Marienburg, that serves as excellent introduction to Marienburg: Sold Down the River.
170 kb
Word 6
14 kb
27 kb
Crossing the border
Previously seen in issue #3 of Hogwash, this is an introductory scenario by James Wallis that that sets the players up ready to play the Doomstones campaign.
734 kb
Word 6
15 kb
25 kb
A Change of Faith
Convention scenario by Alfred Nuñez Jr. and Richard Iorio II.

Word 6
76 kb

Convention scenario by Alfred Nuñez Jr.

Word 6
46 kb

Classic demonstration scenario, created by Colin Chapman and designed to introduce new players to the game. Ideal for shop demos or quick convention games.

Word 6
37 kb
23 kb
Realms of Sorcery - Chapter 2: Nature of Magic
A sample chapter from Realms of Sorcery, the magic sourcebook for WFRP.
469 kb

The Exorcist - a career for WFRP
A sneak preview of a new career, written by Graeme Davis, from Realms of Sorcery.

3 kb
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