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"My name is Legion, for we are many."

Legion? What? I hear you ask. Well, Legion is a series of irregular newsletters bringing together some material that we just can’t get into Warpstone, but which we think you might still enjoy seeing.  It isn’t because it’s substandard just that we can’t fit it all into the magazine.  It also contains some of the odder stuff we have lying around.

Whenever, an issue appears, Legion will be sent free to all Warpstone subscribers. Anyone who sends us an envelope and some stamps or e-mails us with a request can have a copy (at least until the next issue of Legion arrives) or you can download it from this page.

To download an issue right click on the name and choose "Save as...". To view it just click on the name.
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Legion # 10 (pdf 3.24mb)

Legion 10 Extras for issue 29: Womb of the Gods: Mind Maggots, Ghost Stories: A sample ghost and list of Ghosts in WFRP, The Collapsing Empire: Cameos, A Heavy Soul and Guns!

Legion # 9 (pdf 815 kb)

An interview with David Chart, The Bee Keeper, The Hinge Factor, The Long Shot: Archery in WFRP First Edition & Bite on This! Pulling out Arrows & Bolts.

Legion #8 (pdf 1.6 mb) Street signs of the Empire, the cameo Guilty until Proven Innocent, The Spring of Eternal Life, The Career Song and an interview with Jay Little - Senior RPG Developer for WFRP with Fantasy Flight Games.
Legion #7 (pdf 285 kb)
Halfling Names, Doc Otto: A Talabheim NPC, Review of Tibet: RPG.
Interview with Basil Barrett - designer of original Doomstones and the truth behind those changing maps of the Old World.
Legion #6 (pdf 225 kb)
Here are two origin myths for the Fimir and thoughts on the lands they inhabit. Throughout you will also find sketches from John Keane, early ideas for the illustrations in the final article. This page shows an alternative border from Mike Rooth. More sketches are found in Alfred Nuñez Jr's Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6 stats, available separately.
Legion #5 (pdf 156 kb) This issue we bring you a nice little piece from Robin Low inspired by the Ian Miller's cover of Warpstone 22, some thoughts on the GM and Character packs, as well as a location and cameos from the Talabheim Project (Warpstone
issues 16-22) that we did not have space for at the time.
Legion #4 (pdf 224 kb)
Order of the Dark City - From the first issue of Warpstone, John Foody describes an order of knights.
Meeting the Best of the Worst - Article by Steve Gerke on using some of Games Workshop's Chaos baddies.
Legion #3 (pdf 548 kb)

Overdue books - Expansion of "Between the lines" (issue 14) by Richard Iorio II.
The Artist's notebook - A look at the art of Richard Martin.
An exchange of letters - Interesting debate by mail between Tim Eccles and Leif Ulrich Schrader.
Two heads are better than one - Alternative ideas for "Headhunters" (issue 14) by Robert Rees.
No way out - NPC and short story by John Keane (reprint from issue 2)

NEW! Click here to read comments about issue 3 (pdf 75 kb).

Legion #2 (pdf 773 kb)
Cut Cameos - Adventure ideas by Vidar Edland and Alfred Nunez.
The Artist's Notebook: A look at the art of John Keane.
The Adventures of Wilhelm and Alfredo the talking cat - NPC with background and adventure hints by Robin Low.
Movie News: Dungeons & Dragons - Preview by John Keane.
Legion #1 (pdf 202 kb)
Warhammer Armies: Champions of Chaos - Review by Robert Clark.
Holy Knights: Pagan days - Part five of the Templar series by John Foody and Tim Eccles.
Press release - A text of the press release that announced Warpstone's worldwide distribution.
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