Warpstone, the independent magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Issue 26
Issue 26 - Autumn 2006

  • Reviews - Ashes of Middenheim, The Empire at War, Le Grimoire, Spires of Altdorf (various)
  • Ian Miller interview
  • Doctor Brauer II – Background from the Jack Yeovil books (Jody MacGregor)
  • Fragments – News from WFRP
  • The Harpies of Vindells Folly – Scenario (Robin Low)
  • Full Board at the Three Oaks – Scenario (David A Neale)
  • Lowebrau – Scenario (Roysten Crow)
  • The Free City of Carroburg – Background to the city (Tim Eccles and Simon Dennett)
  • Nightmare on Helmstrasse – Scenario (Francois Dube)
  • Arrows of Outrageous Fortune – Scenario (Wim van Gruisen)
  • Conspiracy – final part of epic WFRP1 scenario (Alfred Nunez Jr)
  • Mountains of Madness – Scenario (Chris Hahn & Richard Iorio)
  • A Country Practice – fiction (Alice Stewart)
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